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Financial Ministries

Our financial ministries play a crucial role in sustaining the vitality and operations of our parish. Fundraising committees within our parish are instrumental in supporting the financial needs of the parish community. Through their dedicated efforts and creative initiatives, they generate funds to support various parish programs, ministries, and projects. Whether through events, campaigns, or outreach efforts, these committees mobilize the generosity and support of parishioners and friends of the community. Through the dedication and support of volunteers, these ministries enable us to fulfill our call to be faithful stewards of God's blessings and to serve the needs of our community with love and compassion.

Finance Council
Finance Council
The Finance Council is appointed by the Pastor to oversee the finances of the Parish. They also oversee the raising of money for the church. The Parish Finance council is a consultative body of lay persons established to advise the Pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. The Council advises the Pastor on financial management issues, personnel issues, annual budget, major capital repairs, and expenditures to ensure good stewardship and use of parish resources. The Finance Council is governed by a set of guidelines that are published and updated, as needed, by the Chancery office.
Gift Store
Gift Store
St. Padre Pio Parish Gift Store Ministry offers a curated selection of religious merchandise, serving as a cherished resource for the community's spiritual needs. From intricate rosaries to inspiring artwork and literature, the store provides a diverse array of products that resonate with believers. Every purchase made at the store serves a dual purpose: not only does it offer customers meaningful items to deepen their faith, but it also supports the essential needs of the church. Through this fusion of commerce and compassion, the ministry fosters a sense of community and generosity, enriching both the spiritual and material aspects of parish life.
Golf Tournament
Golf Tournament Fundraising Committee
Behind the scenes of our annual St. Padre Pio Golf Tournament stands a dedicated group of individuals: the Golf Tournament Fundraising Committee. Their collective efforts are the driving force behind the event's success. Months in advance, this committee meticulously plans every aspect of the tournament, from securing the golf course to organizing sponsorships and donations. They actively engage the parish and the wider community, encouraging participation and sponsorships, fueling enthusiasm for our mission. Their unwavering dedication and teamwork contribute to the tournament's success, while the funds raised support our parish's charitable initiatives.
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Money Counters
Money Counters
At St. Padre Pio Parish, our Money Counter volunteers work together to count the weekly donations accurately and quickly. These volunteers make sure every contribution is properly recorded so that the church's finances stay organized and transparent.
Passion Play
Passion Play Fundraising Committee
Within the captivating portrayal of the Passion Play, there exists a group of dedicated individuals whose devotion to our faith and community shines just as brightly as the spotlight on the stage. The annual St. Padre Pio Passion Play is a remarkable, spiritually enriching production that thrives through the dedication and collective efforts of a diverse group of individuals. These people, from all walks of life, come together to bring the story of Christ's sacrifice to life, forging a vibrant living tapestry of talent, faith, and community spirit. Together, this fundraising ministry crafts a moving portrayal of Christ's sacrifice, weaving faith, talent, and community spirit into a spiritually enriching production.
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